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Task: Write a short book review of Zami: A New Spelling of My Name
Essay Topic: Zami: A New Spelling of My Name
Essay Type: Book/movie review
Length: 1 page
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Write a short book review of Zami: A New Spelling of My Name with your own thoughts on the plot. Make sure to dwell on gender and race issues, sexuality.
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Book Response 2 – Zami: A New Spelling of My Name

Class: Class becomes apparent to Lorde later on in life when her mother can only get menial jobs, despite being an intelligent and hardworking woman. This is also brought out well by the author that class has a significant bearing on one’s life, career, and social prospects. The book brings out clearly issues of race, class, sexuality, and home gradually in the book. There is an evolution of thought and experience, just like a child grows with innocence until the ugly face of reality rears its face; race, class, and gender matter significantly in life.

Class is still not very important in the novel. She belongs from a middle-class. However, it does not matter at all as to her class. She is good and there is no question of her socioeconomic status. She is considered as equal as anyone else.

Identity For mation: Identify formation happens when the person have realized their own self. It happens when all of the needs of the person have been satisfied. We find that Audre finally comes to know about her identity in the end after having suffered all that s he got from life. It was not only her sexual appetite, but her other needs as well that result in her developing self-esteem.

Epilogue: The epilogue closes the book as the questions that were unanswered in Audre’s life are now answered. She now knows the meaning of life. She understands as to why she exists and what has li fe to offer her. She has also found the love of her life. (It i s another thing that her love cheats on her). Now she is a mature woman and knows how to live on her own.

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