Opinion essay about languages

Task: Write an opinion essay about languages
Essay Topic: Language
Essay Type: Opinion Essay
Length: 1 page
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Write a simple essay with personal thoughts on languages, their origin, semantics, etc.
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Language is the capability of humans to come up and acquire various systems of communication. In essence, man is able to communicate through language. The most common language of communication is English. Many people from different nations who are not English natives get to study English in school. This allows individuals across the world to communicate easily as they share a com mon language. Language not only allows us to communicate but also express our emotions. Human language stands as the most advanced systems of animal communication in the world. It is important to note that human language evolves overtime and may vary from place to place.

In order to study about language, it is best to use primary and secondary sources. As much as primary sources are cumbersome to acquire and document, they provide rather detailed information. It also allows a researcher to have a first-hand experience while researching about language. Getting to meet different speakers of one language allows one to note the variation. Employing secondary sources is also important because it allows one to acquir e in depth knowledge of language. This is because secondary sources have so much detail that other researchers have acquired from different places.

Primary sources will require one to co nducts interviews or have meetings and talks with the groups in question. This always provides a good stud y experiences. Secondary sources will easily be accessible in library in form of books, documentaries and many others. Secondary sources may also be acquired in museums. There is a vast collection of secondary sources and some may be misleading. It is therefore pertinent to acquire the correct sources during such a study.

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