About Us

Hi, everybody!

Before you throw yourself into the oceans of sarcasm that I pour on the heads of students and amateur writers, I’d like you to read this tiny “About Us” paragraph. Consider it to be some sort of a disclaimer, okay?

So. I’ve been working as a tutor for only God knows how long. I’ve seen so many essays, term papers, theses, and reviews that you wouldn’t probably believe that mankind could produce so much wastepaper. Imagine yourself in my shoes: checking papers day by day, having to correct the same stupid mistakes, explaining the rules of grammar to people who cared about them as much as I cared about, say, peculiarities of jellyfish digestion…

One beautiful day (in fact, that day sucked, thanks to my students) I felt that I was totally fed up with all those dull papers. For a while I felt like quitting tutoring, and starting to grow flowers somewhere in the distant mountains, as far from the academic assignments as I could get. But, after some serious contemplation, I figured out that I still loved my job; I just needed to find a way to lose some steam. Being tolerant and educative at the same time was hard. If my student was a moron, I had to tell him that he was smart, but somewhat inattentive – just not to make him feel discriminated on the ground of his mental capabilities. If his paper was worth only to wrap stockfish in it, I had to analyze it as seriously as if it was to be submitted to the President. Well, I think you can already see the picture.

And so I thought: what if I do my job, but in my own way? What if I stop being tolerant and all-forgiving to my students’ mistakes, and unleash my inner Mr. Hyde? This idea seemed so attractive to me, that I started this website, and decided to fill it with different students’ samples that I comment on.

Well, I think I said enough. Enjoy (and learn, hopefully)!