What’s Wrong with Eating Meat?

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Essay Topic: What’s wrong with eating meat?
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Requirements: The essay should be based on the plot of “A Day in the Life of a Severed Head: A Mural” Address the topic with specific details, stories, facts and examples from your own life and what you have discovered in the book and at least one other source. Remember that the main idea of the essay is your own. The sources exist to support or to highlight your view by contrasting with it. Try to be fair in your reflection. Be sure to include quotes from the book.
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The issue of eating meat is well addressed in a mural by D Love based on the choices made by the characters. Mike decides not to eat meat again as a sign of redemption aimed at preserving life instead of killing animals to get meat. The issue of eating meat seems to cause dangerous conflicts among people. Despite his being a famous butcher in his place, Mike made a great decision of not eating meat anymore. The issue of eating meat seems to have pushed many people to the point of becoming vegetarians, just to avoid taking meat. Every person of sound mind undertakes different activities based on their reasoning and decisions.

The worst part of eating meat is associated with how the precious product is retrieved from the animals. A lot of brutality and torturing is witnessed while animals are being killed to provide meat. This brutality goes against the beliefs and ethical practices. The main idea is usually aimed at preserving life, rather than destroying it, just like any person would wish to have their lives preserved. As such, it’s evident that people who don’t eat meat anticipate to create a show of kindness to the animals. The other reasons attribute to environmental and health reasons that can be obtained from other food sources apart from animals. These are some of the beliefs that moved Mike Kohler from being a butcher, to the point of becoming a strict vegetarian. Instead of killing innocent animals, there is a strong belief that animals ought to be taken care of. Some traditions are also known to similarly operate with religion in advocating for the preservation of animal life. In the Indian community, some animals occupy the positions of god’s hence being taken care of (Rau, 200).

In this essence, many communities prefer taking care of animals, to killing them for food. It’s also believed that the consumption of vegetables is quite beneficial to the health system of human beings, instead of consuming animal meat products. The content of this book revolves around several cases that initiate a negative perception regarding to meat and other animal products. The first case revolves around the drunk Tony, who killed a man the previous night. The issue of confrontation was a chicken, which all men showed interest in. The love for meat results to the loss of life through a brutal fight that results to stabbings. Tony proves his point by hurling the severed head to his friends who don’t believe he could kill a man (Adams, Carol, and Breitman, 99). Because of the love for meat, several lives are almost lost in a very compromising situation.

The first creature that could have lost its life was the chicken for the benefit of Tony’s hunger. The person in pursuant of the chicken also loses his life upon his interest of saving the chicken from Tony’s hands. One could easily decide to quit eating meat since it’s associated with murder and a violation of human ethical standards. The proposed death of a chicken leads to murder arising from the conflict. Another sickening feeling that could hinder someone from taking meat is the way Tony plunged the severed head to the Butchery. Trickling human blood in butchery where people buy meat could trigger many decisions.

There is a high belief that spills the blood of an innocent creature is ungodly bearing in mind that life has got to be preserved. This practice is highly advocated by religious beliefs which guide different religions. Not all religions operate under such ideologies as some are high consumers of meat. As such, many vegetarians decide to love and care for the needy animals, instead of mishandling them. Numerous people have different reasons regarding the decisions they make towards eating meat. In as much as many anticipate to preserve life, others just don’t like the taste of meat. There are some religious beliefs that hinder people from eating meat, and this attribute to the idea of preserving life. Others make their decisions based on health complications. The pain felt by these animals is quite high, hence the calls by many people to quit consuming innocent creatures. Many of the common meat products have been known to contribute to various chronic health complications. This explains why many people decide to avoid meat in order to avoid these terminal ailments. Medical conditions require many people to drop their habit of consuming animal meat products. Some reactions are initiated by doctor’s advice hence the need to observe the instructions with caution.

Avoiding meat is thus a good practice that prolongs life of many vegetarians. This explains why vegetarians experience a longer life span, unlike people who consume meat. The difference is caused by the aspect that vegetarians don’t come across these dangerous health complications. Apart from being a vegetarian, there are other people who make different decisions regarding the same. A large population consumes meat, but not all types of meat as some are associated with some negativities. One such condition is explained by red meat which is highly avoided by many meat consumers. Unlike white meat, red meat is associated with a high calorie content that endangers human life. This explains why many people prefer white meat to red meat, based on the expected benefits that can strengthen their health system. To compensate red meat, many people have shifted to eggs, chicken meat, pork and fish products. At this point, different reasons have been gathered to explain why people avoid eating meat products. People seem to make different decisions based on certain ideologies; Mike Kohler makes his decision with an aim of saving life, rather than destroying it. As such, this decision forces him to drop his butchery business for purposes of living a good life. He ends up terming it as a form of redemption from his butcher life. Together with his brother, they are people who have operated in this business for quite some time.


In conclusion, it’s evident that people are driven by different forces in making decisions regarding the issue of either being a vegetarian or not. Despite the presence of controversies associated with meat, many people still consume meat without any fear of worry at all. There are numerous influential factors don’t affect them in any way. The second contributing factor after religious beliefs is health conditions. Some people become vegetarians without their wish, but instead an unpleasant condition that faces them. Cases like allergies associated with meat cause major discomforts and skin irritations to the affected people. There are various reasons that influence people’s beliefs hence initiating the important decision of becoming full time vegetarians.

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