Task: Reflect on the class that you’ve been tasked to take.
Essay Topic: Class Reflection
Essay Type: Exploratory Essay
Length: 5 pages
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Requirements: Write an exploratory essay on the class you’ve taken. Describe your attitude towards it and what you’ve taken from it.
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The English class have equipped me with the ability to be able to survive in an ever changing society, in this class I have been able to reflect upon some of the things I have been taking for granted such as smoking zones, English language and role of twitter in education. At first it was difficult but as we progressed I was able to make sense of what at first sounded like confusing. Throughout the semester, I have come to appreciate the role of English language in world’s history and how it has become the most popular language. I carried an analysis of an article by Danilo Corrêa de Almeida Pasinato. i established that article outlines the reasons for the popularity and wide global use of the English language In the traditional settings, English language grew in use through physical interactions and physical movements of people such as traders and soldiers. However, today the globalization era, fuelled by the emergence of an information society that is digitally literate, has played big role in the growth and spread in the English language. All languages of the world are equal and no language is more superior to the other. This statement is mostly true although we cannot fail to acknowledge the fact that some languages are more equal than others. Though there have been other languages as superior as the English language in the past such as Latin, in class I have learnt that the death of these languages came slowly but surely.  This may as well be the case for the English language, though I would argue that the present circumstances are quite different from those in the past. It is especially true that the English language is gaining popularity as a supersonic speed since there are so many factors that promote this. English is used in all the continents. Some of the factors include the internet which makes the world a global market, some cultures have warmed up to the language, the church which once condemned this language has grown to accept and there are so many scholars who are interested in the study of this language. Well for the English language the future is uncertain but the present look appealing.

The article has drawn its conclusions based on the researches of many others thus giving it credibility. The ability of the author to use varied sources of secondary data and other credible supportive research evidences makes the article not only dependable but also balanced.  I got to enjoy reading it and coming to realize the prestigious place the English language occupies, this is so since so many institutions have accepted it as their official language. This translates to posterity of the language assuring it of a promising future. Despite the hope of a bright future, the English language is subjected to changes in society and due to this dynamic nature; a lesser language may overtake English in global preference in the near future.

The aspect of smoking drew my attention.  It is needless to say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Smoking has substance called nicotine which is highly addictive. Those who are addicted cannot concentrate in their work as they struggle to fight the urge to smoke. I have learnt that in places where smoking is strictly prohibited, those who smoke waste a lot of time trying to get out of the premises in order to get a smoke.  I was able to interact with the smoking policy that has been adapted by The Arizona State University and I completely find it adequate in satisfying both the smokers and non smokers. It tries to address all the issues that are core is solving the smoking menace, it ensures that the smokers are not discriminated and that in no way are the non-smokers affected. I realize that most people are passive smokers since in most places there are no policies to restrict where the smoking should take place. For example if you work with people who smoke in the office you may eventually turn out to be a smoker. I strongly believe that having designated smoking zones will go a long way in keeping peace in the society. In these zones the necessary support will be given to those who are addicted, this will be in the form of information so that if they want to stop the vice they can be able to get the help they require. Clearly marked smoking zones and a map to link all this areas will ensure harmony.

The story on the place and role of social media also drew my attention. During the class, I argued that social media is ever increasing its popularity as many students are constantly using this regardless of how far whoever they are talking to is.  The social media platform has changed the traditional communication that was characterised by the word of mouth. Through social media, the students have an innate tendency to talk to one another about an issue as part of socializing virtually. These could be friends, relatives, or family close members. This is unlike the traditional word of mouth communication that involves talking to someone on a face-to-face level or within physical proximity. Social media communication offers interpersonal connection, and in many ways can overwhelm the diversity that traditional means can offer. I believe that social media more so twitter can be used as a tool to improve literacy. Twitter is fast gaining popularity alongside other social media platforms. This is a good thing as information can be shared easily as long as one has internet access. Through Twitter, people learn to communicate important pints within the 140 character limits. Since the users must ensure that the message is past, Twitter trains the users to be economical with words, be precise communicators and focus on the most important aspects of the messages to be passed.

Being one of those who have a twitter account I can attest to the fact that one can learn quite a lot from this platform. Once one has gotten information about a particular fact they are unfamiliar with they will be compelled to search further for that information from the web. Being that most gadgets that have internet access are potable it is easier than carrying many books something that is quite encouraging. Apart from the reading skills twitter helps to improve on, it enables the students to become better writers by their use of the keyboard in typing responses. By studying the writing styles of different users they can be able to pick out vocabulary to be later used in class though this should be done with caution as not to pick out just about anything.

Even though the benefits of twitter on literacy are undisputed It is vital to exercise caution as some users of twitter have a common habit of writing in short hand something that can be a hindrance it being a proficient writer.

Throughout this class I have picked out invaluable lessons that will make me a better social being. At same time be able to make class reflections on various issues in society. I have learnt that each language is as important and language is governed by the dynamics of a society, it is also possible to create an environment where we are tolerant of each other despite our preferences and finally I acknowledge the fact that in a society that is continually being digitalized, social media should take its rightful place in improving literacy.

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Overall Impression:
This paper is the new standard of “awful”; I’d even say it’s a linguistic monstrosity, a monument to all poorly-supported arguments, and God knows what else. The paper strikes you right in the face. You read the first sentence and immediately understand that it’s going to get worse, and there’s no hope for improvement: “The English class have equipped me with the ability to be able to survive in an ever changing society, in this class I have been able to reflect upon some of the things I have been taking for granted such as smoking zones, English language and role of twitter in education.” I hope the author gets equipped with better English and writing skills, and with the ability to survive in his/her college, because at this point, I can’t imagine any instructor tolerating such nonsense.

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