Descriptive Essay

Task: Describe your friend. What qualities does he/she possess?
Essay Topic: Descriptive Essay
Essay Type: Descriptive essay
Length: 3 pages
Formatting: N/A
Requirements: Outline different qualities of your friend. What kind of person is he? How would you characterize him/her. Why did you choose be friends with this person?
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A man of contradictions like Alfred Nobel, the owner of the warmest smile like Robin Williams containing a mixture of different humors like Jim Carrie – all this is my friend Jay.

Fair-haired, brown-eyed, tall and extremely light he entered my life when I was 14 years old. Before we met I heard a lot about Jay, but I thought he was rude and not pleasant, so in the meantime it was a big surprise for me to discover a soulmate in this guy.

I’d like to start with some standard facts about my friend. He is 22 years old and he is a dancer. He has received a Bachelor degree in Economics recently and now makes his living dancing. Besides his main occupation Jay loves traveling, discovering new cultures and learning languages. He is open, kind, active and always ready for any changes in life.

First of all, I cannot fail to mention his ability to win everyone’s favour from the first seconds of communication. Indeed, it is impossible not to fall for his enormous charisma and strong inner energy. He adores new people in his life and not surprisingly these persons feel it, thus it always is a mutually pleasant action.

Of course, there is a dark side of this medal – sometimes Jay prefers new friends to the old ones. This is another chapter of my friend which is called “the man of a moment”, but before I move to it, I’d like to mention Jay’s “match effect”. This effect lies in the prompt “burning out” to those the process of acquaintance with who was really swiftly developing. In other words, Jay made up his own observation: the quicker person gets close to you, the sooner you will let him go from your life. Thus old friends like me are patient to Jay’s inconstancy in friendly connections – we know that in the end he remains loyal to people he loves with all his heart.

As “the man of a moment” Jay always does what he wants to do in each certain moment. If he meets someone not really close and the first impression of the conversation they have is pretty good, he can spend the whole day with this person. In fact, he doesn’t think he should do what he is supposed to do, because this is his life and he shouldn’t follow any obligations if he doesn’t like them. Well, he is my friend and we have had different situations, not only good ones, but to tell the truth I am desperately trying to adopt Jay’s philosophy as I am still not able to live my life as enjoyably and joyfully as he manages.

Although he is not ideal in his own behavioral strategy, Jay takes the emotional maximum of each situation happening in his life: he enjoys being alone, being sad, being thoughtful, being careless, getting into troubles, surviving without enough money sometimes –  he values each moment as he knows it is unique and will never happen again.

One significant drawback of Jay’s philosophy is that he can be too shallow. Sometimes he finds thinking too unnecessary and refuses taking serious talks in. Well, unfortunately, the words “everything is going to be fine” are not always enough to give up and feel happy again. Actually, Jay knows this and furthermore he realizes his lack of attention to close people sometimes. The thing is that he probably doesn’t take it for drawback – Jay considers this fact as his small specialty.

As for me, I think specialties should be harmless, first of all. Among his specialties I can name the fact that he feels sorry for those who dine alone in cafes (which is an indicator of his kind and sensitive heart), the abovementioned passion to meeting new people, the carefree attitude to hardships in life and the enthusiasm in formulating convictions based on his own experience (which characterizes him as an observant and curious person). Each person is special, but I am convinced that Jay is special in his own way – he still cognizes himself and even finds surprises in his own behavior and character.

“Everything happens for a reason” runs through all his arguments like a red thread. Actually, Jay used to live without any strong beliefs, but after several changes in his life and several people on his way he chose this credo and really follows it.

It is probably noticeable that Jay makes up his own rules and beliefs, giving names to them. One of them is “Plan J”. This plan is about relaxing, letting go and patiently waiting. For example, when he is out of money and things get complicated, he just knows that they will appear soon (not magically, of course) and this is his plan – don’t worry about that, the money you really need will find you soon. First, I was skeptical about this plan, but in time I noticed it was really working. Maybe, this is the conception of material thoughts – I still don’t know, but what I do know for sure is that Jay’s convictions are working for him.

Contradictory in the states of his mind and thoughts, unstable in choice of people surrounding him, sometimes light-headed and able to draw anyone away from everything, sometimes extremely wise and thoughtful – he is not completely identified even to himself. But what is definitely clear is that I really appreciate this interesting and extra-ordinary person in my life.

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Overall Impression:
Formatting, dude. Where is it? I haven’t noticed any. Trying to embrace and apply the “living in the moment” philosophy is cool, but it’s an academic moment right now, so you’d better consider its rules: formatting, grammar, and stuff. Well, as for the grammar, it’s not bad, as well as syntax and punctuation. The word choice is sometimes awkward, and your thoughts seem to be wandering from time to time (meaning the organizational structure of your essay could be better), but in general, not too bad. Congrats, you’ve passed my subjective and biased test on writing competence.
But this formatting… man.

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