ISTE Standards for Coaches

Task: Describe the predominant aspects of ISTE standards for coaches.
Essay Topic: ISTE Standards for Coaches
Essay Type: Evaluative Essay
Length: 3 pages
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Requirements: Go over the main elements of ISTE standards for coaches. What are the factors at play in the equation and how do they influence the varying aspects of the program?
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Please share your ideas for what you will be producing for that project.

The ISTE standards for coaches are the standards that are used in the evaluation of the skills and knowledge needed by the education coaches in the guidance as well as in the support of teachers in the global society. The coaches, the facilitators of technology, the specialists of technology integration, and other people who help teachers in the integration of technology in classrooms are quite instrumental in the effective implementation of the standards for the teachers. The coaches having guided the teachers help them in leveraging the power of technology in engaging the students in their learning as well as helping them to develop digital age skills.

Question 1:  Please provide a sentence on your knowledge, skills or abilities for each of the six standards

Answer:  Visionary leadership is defined as the building of a new dawn whereby people work with awareness, shrewdness and also boldness. A challenge is presented. The main purpose of this challenge is to bring those people together around the goal and the purpose that they could have in common. These people, who then become visionary leaders, work with the intention and alignment for a greater ambition. Visionary leadership in accordance with the ISTE standards require for the educational administrators to inspire and also lead in the development and the implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive integration of technology. This is done so as to promote excellence and support transformation throughout the organization, and therefore creating a positive impact and remarkable improvement in the organization.

Teaching, learning and assessment are learning factors that are in accordance with the ISTE, and each factor has rules about how to prepare the students best for the society on completion of their studies. Each factor has developed its own mix of techniques as well as learning environments which are very well founded. However, each factor must be comprehended. Therefore, Tuning is a task that has been used in the creation of more clarity in regard to the issue of definition and also understanding in practice. There is a comprehensive list of terms that has been combined with their translations into all the European languages. This list has been developed and the details published on the on the Tuning website.

Digital age learning environments in accordance with ISTE has helped the technology coaches in the creation and the support of effective digital age learning environments so as to maximize the learning of all students.

Professional development and program evaluation has helped the students in having the ability to evaluate the programs that they wish to give much more attention to so as to develop professionally. This factor has played a great role in helping the students to be able to know what path suits them best and therefore making it convenient and easy in their studies.

Digital citizenship is a concept that helps technology leaders to understand what students or technology users should know so as to appropriately use technology. Digital citizenship is therefore a teaching tool as well as a way to prepare the students and technology users for a society that is full of society and also instill in them the norms of appropriate and responsible use of technology.

Content knowledge and professional growth in accordance with ISTE has played a great role in helping students as well as every other person who uses technology in increasing their knowledge and also gaining information on enhancing their professional skills so as to enrich their careers.

Question 2. What topic are you interested in doing? What type of research methods interest you the most? Why did you choose this topic and methodology?

Answer: I am interested in doing the ISTE standards for coaches. The type of research method that interests me the most is the questionnaire method. I chose this method because people give truthful answers without feeling intimidated in any way. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more on  the skills and knowledge required by the education coaches in the guidance and support of teachers in the global society.

Question 3. What format will you use for the project created?

Answer :  I will use a paper format to submit the project. A hard copy will be easier to share information with other students.

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