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List of priorities

Based on SEC guidance to make appropriate disclosures (A17, Cynthia M. Krus), below is a list of prioritized information Sony needs to include in its communication response;

  • Financial implications
  • Compromise extent
  • Fallback plan
  • Legal implications
  • Investigation
  • Risk and impact

Although all the above are critical points of concern in the Sony communication response, the highest priority should be given to risk and impact, the extent of the compromise and the findings drawn from the investigation. Below is an expansion on the same.

On the realization of the hack, Sony is entitled to communicate to their clients of the financial expectations or the impact on the financial statements. It is most likely that the trading price of the Sony shares is also affected which also requires a response on how to compensate the shareholders or investors from the incident. Sony were prompt in responding to the extent of the network compromise though failed to offer the exact details on how this took place without being detected. The role of the IT team could probably need review or extra staff required to tasks such as intrusion detection. This is to ensure that such incidents will be easier to detect and act on in the event of a similar hack. This brings us to the issue that Sony is supposed to communicate on other means above this on a fallback plan from the present situation and ways to mitigate on similar occurrences. As a shareholder, I would expect a communication highlighting that the company is looking forward to investing more on system security. An assessment should be scheduled, and the same communicated indicating the risk posed by the hacks and the potential impact lurking from malware that could probably have not yet been detected. Networks are weak, but it is even easier to penetrate from a social perspective. Employees must be enlightened on the power they have to derail the company from that issue. Investors want to hear whether any meeting or plans have been made to prepare staff on the matter and also check whether past or present disgruntled employee played a hand on the setback.

A communication would also be expected on the eventual investigation, findings and the legal implications if any. In Sony’s case, several data protecting authorities expressed interest to delve into the breaches so as to ascertain how applicable their data protection law stood against any jurisdiction and the case that may crop up in their offices. For instance, the ICO, Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom conducted their investigation into the network and subsequently gave Sony a monetary penalty at £250,000. Will such fines be shared among the stakeholders or will it eat into the company’s profit?

The guidance for SEC staff identifies that SEC’s existing disclosure rules do not  reference to cybersecurity and  public companies need to take into consideration  the uprising importance of cybersecurity. Subsequently, it is necessary to take appropriate actions ‘‘consistent with  relevant disclosure considerations which conventionally arise in the connection with any kind of business risk.’’ In regard of this,  guidance is similar to the  guidance which has  been issued  by SEC in relation  to both foreign political risks and the climate change

Therefore, communication response of the company should implicate the following steps:

  1. imply online games service in which gamers could interact with other in the real-time battles quests and challenges.
  2. Eliminate intrusion attacks hazards.
  3. Develop consoles  and release  codes which could allow third-party software to be run on a system platform.
  4. Release detailed public statement connected with  the system blackout
  5. Determine the full scope of the attack.
  6. Determine whether the personal information or credit card numbers of account holders had been compromised.
  7. Show the ways of obtaining  a market presence and increasing revenues
  8. Unveil the launch of the first Sony tablet computers
  9. Communicate core points of information in regard with  the network interruption

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