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Task: Provide creative writing about Market Segmentation and Content Analysis.
Essay Topic: Student's choice
Essay Type: Creative Assignment
Length: 1
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Write about best practices (competitors’ websites).
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Seattle University improv club intends to create a highly interactive website that will increase the visibility of the comedians. Creation of traffic to the website ought to increase the possibility of the site popping up in Google searches, building an ideal platform for self expression and the creation of new networks. The market segment targeted by this website is an audience interested in creative arts, particularly, spontaneous comedy. It is clear that the greatest concern for the group is that they want to have a larger audience than they currently have. Students are the target market hence the website should be a communication tool rather than an income generating activity. Ease of use and accessibility is the most important item for this particular market segment.

Content Analysis

In a nutshell, the content must be such that it grabs the attention of all the readers that log on to the website. The layout should be very clear for the visibility of the content. Advertisements of the activities organized by the improv club must feature prominently. Apart from posting bright photos for visual stimulation, it is also advisable to have short write ups that describe the events and what they entail. Additionally, the site must present information that will encourage new subscriptions alongside the desire for collaboration between Seattle University and other similar institutions in the region. Therefore, captivating content that makes the target consumers want to become members of the club is the focus content. Selected writers should use their knowledge of the target groups to come up with ways of keeping the information fresh and catchy at all times. It is also very helpful to establish the language best understood by the audience for efficient communication.

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Overall Impression:
A lack of specificity and a lack of punctuation are the only two issues I noticed in the paper. The paper was supposed to be small and not fully formed, and the writer followed these guidelines. The writing was professional sounding and flowed smoothly from topic to topic. It was not verbose or vague, but more of a balance of style and tone. I think the writer did a fine job.

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