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Task: Write case study
Essay Topic: Conclusion
Essay Type: Case Study
Length: 1
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Create a conclusion based on the lab report.
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With the increased technological knowledge and need for efficiency in the medical field, physicians have always expressed their desire to have systems that will require human intervention and give quick and accurate information. As opposed to the currently used paper and pencil processes by the Medics in the First Medical Systems, an enhanced system involving the search and select type programs have been preferred based on its quick, cheap, and high levels of accuracy on the medical results it delivers. In the process of authenticating the level of applicability, timeliness, and accuracy, different techniques such as the T1, T2, and T3, under the descriptive statistics showed a reduction in the number of errors when the new system was used. Secondly, a shorter time was recorded under T3 in the new system as compared to the older system that involved numerous and repetitive process that not only complicated the entire process but also congested the sequence of tasks involved.  From the illustrations above, it is evidenced that the medical sector is more likely face less constraints in terms of the amount of financial resources they have to inquire while carrying out medical information processes, limit the amount of time spent on the same tasks by simply searching and selecting options that are literally easy and error free. On the other hand, patients will also face an improvement in the modes of their treatments due to quick generation of medical reports and an assurance of high accuracy in the results given. With the digital medical operations, simple inductions to improve on the Medics’ speed of keying in the medical data into the system for processing will further improve the effectiveness and benefits of the newly implemented system.

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Overall Impression:
This was a solid conclusion and should not at all be termed “awful.” The only issue I found is incorrect capitalization, but even that could be consistent with the assignment. The writer followed the instructions well. I was not shown any other part of the essay, so I cannot judge if the conclusion includes all the main points from the essay, but it seems to mention enough topics to warrant it approval. The writing flows, and it is easily readable.

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