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Task: Write an essay based on a novel Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time
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Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Create a standard university 3 page essay on any interesting subject and provide prove to support the argument. Don't use too much summary, rather focus on the argument.
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Reading is a way of turning attention from an individual daily troubles and worries for sometimes and apparently takes them to a diverse world of imagination and fantasy. In relevance to the novel by Proust, reading gives individuals knowledge about many different cultures around the world. Moreover, reading open minds and develop new patterns of thinking and doing things people think are impossible or unachievable. The novel illustrates that reading is the best source of information and gives one a distinct advantage of life. Additionally, reading answers all questions documented in text. Reading is also a form of relaxation and helps in stimulating, mentoring and inspiring the mind. There are many benefits concerning reading. The benefits include, feeding the craving mind, improving the quality of conversation, improves leadership skills, stimulates creativity and among others.

Proust suggests that the human being mind is a more powerful than the computer system. The better information put in a computer, the more accurate data it gives. Therefore, the mind of human being needs input of information in order to keep it satisfied and stimulated. The novel further illustrates that reading is the best way of feeding the brain. Failing to feed the brain with information leads to stagnation. It is imperative to keep on nourishing the brain with more and new information in order to prevent stagnation. The novel suggests that adding knowledge and information quenches a thirsty mind. The author furthermore explains that through the power of curiosity developed from reading, human can read a book from the start to the end regardless of the amount of pages.

The novel illustrates that human beings become more involved in discussions in their vast array of new knowledge. Reading enables an individual in instigating interesting and various levels of conversations. Therefore, Individuals who take time in obtaining more information have an added advantage over others since they have accumulated and wider understanding on many subjects of conversation. Having limited information leaves one feeling left out in social situations. Acquiring information improves individual’s ability to talk and participate and contributing in imperative discussions. From the novel, many people underestimate the power of reading that is priceless and expands awareness. Accumulating negative information in the mind leads to stimulation of negative impacts on perception and beliefs.

Best and creative minds have written many books, which people read. According to Proust, reading books written by creative minds people develop and expand their minds through delving on what goes on in the inner world of the writers. Reading takes people away from the world of normality to and gives them a chance to walk to the moon by turning attention to the book. Proust illustrates that reading makes one wiser and not to mention the information received through academic learning. Reading is one of the cheapest ways of entertainment since there are many books on both internet and library having humorous stories. According to Proust the more an individual reads, the more he becomes intelligent. Reading also helps in improving writing skills and vocabulary.

Solutions to problems and challenges lie within the boundaries of knowledge developed from reading. Reading helps in learning the right procedures required when conflict situation occur. Moreover, human beings do not have an excuse on lacking sources of reading since the advancement of technology and internet, which has myriad knowledge, and information is easily available, accessible, and reliable. Additionally, reading not only helps in learning ways of solving problems but also in solving problems associated with health. People learn ways of living healthy through reading health related books. Proust symbolizes that reading itself is a way of improving health and life since it helps in reducing stress and depression levels. Anxiety and worries are health issues, which are common in the life of human beings. The health issues for instance stress can lead to thoughts of committing suicide. However, reading helps in reducing the levels of anxiety since it shifts away focus from troubles and concerns to what goes on in the book.

Proust shows that reading helps in transforming human lives. Almost all successful people have they read at least one book that motivated them completely transformed their lives and made them what they are today. If people apply the right information in articles or books that they read, they are inspired in building a better life. Some reading materials have information on how to be a good leader. By reading such books, we develop skills, which help in acquiring and improving leadership skills, which we possess.

In the novel, Proust depicted the benefits acquired through intensive reading. Through his love for books, he was able to meet “truth and beauty.” His novels represent the benefits achieved from reading. Nevertheless, reading does not involve reading books only but also reading from other sources such as the internet. Reading from all sources subjects benefits such as, leadership skills, creative thinking, and improving writing skills and among others.

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