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The great plague that affected the world in the thirteenth and the fourteenth centuries was called the Black Death. This plague w hich spread from the Mongol empire to other parts of the world, many people in the world today presume that it originated from the Mongol empire. Out of the findings found on the researches carried on this epidemic, is it true that it was the Mongol empire responsible for this plague or the Eurasian empire?

In order to address this issue, a close look on the origin of the plague will give a clear connection. The plague started at the area close to China. From here, it spread to other regions following trade routes which were mostly controlled by the Mongols. The plague combined with other factors such as civil wars rendered the empire vulnerable to a downfall. This way, a powerful empire could not inflict itself with a pla gue that would cause its downfall (Fernandez-Armesto, F 2007. Pp 450).

The second point to consider in understanding who among the two empires is responsible for the plague is the cause of the plague and where it first killed people. The plague is caused by a bacterium found in the system of flea presen t in rodents and rats. Deaths as a result of the plague were first recorded in China in the thirteenth century. The main form of spreading the plague was through the trade route. From this, it is clear that the one responsible for the plague intended to control trade in the region (Christian, D. 1998.Pp 40)

The impact of the plague was to weaken the Mongol empire and eventually wipe it out. The Eurasian empire benefited from this in that it lacked factors that would strengthen its control due to constant calamities and lack of good farming lands. The fall of the Mongol empire will facilitate the expansion of power and influence of the Eurasian empire to the west (Christian, D. 1998 Pp 70).


The Mongols were involved in the spread of a pandemic that brought to an end of one of the most powerful empires in the history of the world. The fall of the Mon gol empire caused the rise of the Eurasian empire as a world power.

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