Informative US History Essay

Task: Write an informative essay based on the coursebook
Essay Topic: US History
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Requirements: Answer the following questions
1. How was the New World different in 1800 than it had been in 1450?
2. Discuss the evolution of the British and American relationship prior to 1800.
3. Compare and contrast the two types of United States governments prior to 1800.
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Essay 1. Different between the new world 1800 and the world in 1450

The US experienced a tremendous change between the 1450s and the 1800. The state that was once viewed as dominant in both the political and the economic arenas experienced an influx of other countries in search of greener pastures. Many Englishmen were attracted to America since the state appeared easy to exploit due to dominancy in the political and economic sector. Englishmen moved from their country because of the problems that they were encountering especially overcrowding and increased religious persecution. The new word 1800 show difference from the world in 1450 in different sectors: political sector, economic, as well as dynamics in religious beliefs.

Prior and during the 1450s, the sea trade was not practiced much by Americans. Slave trade was at its peak though. Americans treated the slave more or less than animals. In this era, a slave was not entitled to any right they were just to follow orders. They were not even allowed to educate themselves. In the 1800s, after the America Civil War a few slaves that were educated formed unions to champion for constitutional rights of the African Americans. This, therefore, created a new America where all citizens were equal constitutionally. Slavery was a thing of the past. Blacks could not be educated and take up formal jobs, as well as leadership positions.

The new world of 1800 was endowed with the improvement of technology compared to the 1450s. Better ship building techniques were developed and the perfection of the compass made it easier for the Americans to engage in trade. The sea based trade replaced the land based due to this improvement in the technology. The labor sector was transformed in the 1450s labor was provided by the Amerindians. A majority of Amerindians died in the 1450 from an infection of a deadly disease caused by the contact with the Europeans. The labor system was fully transformed in 1800s onwards.

Finally, the religions in the United States underwent a massive transformation in the 1800 following widespread interaction with the international community. For instance, the French entry into the US led to the conversion of Native Americans to Catholics. Demographic and the environmental habitat of the 1450 and the 1800 portrayed differences. The new trade tremendously affected the habitats of plants and animals.

Essay 2. Relationship between the Evolution of America and British Prior To 1800

The relationship between America and Britain ranges from the industrial to agricultural and from economic to political interaction. Before US independence in 18th century, the British colonized them laying ground for future foreign relations. The two nations underwent rigorous evolution before the 1800. The relationship between the two countries was majorly trade. Britain sourced raw materials for its industries from America and shipped finished goods to the US market. This interaction evolved into other relationships such political ties that saw then fight side by side in the Second World War, much later after 1800. They experienced technological exchanges that further cemented their relations before 1800.

Technological evolution is one sector that greatly evolved before the 1800 was tremendous investment in transport and infrastructure specifically the canal and the rail networks. The economic operations in the 1700 called for the evolution in the transport sector. Road transport evolved from packhorses to new wagons then to larger wagons and stagecoaches that ferried people and goods within the major cities in Britain. Due to the interaction between the British and the Americans, the US transport system also evolved. Eventually, steam powered rail wagons were introduced that saved the transport sector in a great way.

Evolution in the healthcare system: Prior to 1800, in both the Britain and America, medicine was a family affair. Not everyone was summoned to see professional doctors. Women were expected to take care of illnesses that occurred within the family. The practice of midwifery was very common to all women since babies were always delivered at home. In the 1750, physicians with medical degrees started surface accompanied by scientific training. Medical school then became common.

Essay 3. Types of Government in US Prior to 1800

The US has retained the title of the largest democracy that has ever existed. However, this democracy was not achieved within a whisker. It is a series of government evolutions accompanied by numerous constitutional changes. Initially, before this period, the government did not recognize black people on the American soil as its citizens. They were regarded as second class citizens, and more so, property that can be traded at the market place. This introduced a government that did not champion for universal human rights despite of one’s race, religion or color.

During colonization, the government was largely a monarch given that it was colonized largely by Britain. Nonetheless, the organization or structure of the American government has remained steady between 1776 and 1800, and after. It is structured to have both the federal and states governments. Each operates with due respect to the other and with some standard of independence. Each of these governments comprises the three arms: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. State governments are represented in the federal government to ensure smooth operation and fairness to all. This structure has remained this way to date.

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