My Training Plan

Task: Prepare a personalized fitness plan
Essay Topic: Writer’s Choice
Essay Type: Research paper
Length: 1 page
Formatting: APA
Requirements: Make sure to mention the following in your essay:
• Illustrate the importance of physical fitness and lifetime wellness.
• Collect data, interpret assessments, and design or recommend fitness and wellness strategies.
• Analyze comprehensive fitness programs and their various components.
• Evaluate personal risk factors affecting fitness and wellness; propose appropriate risk-management strategies.
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Cardiovascular Endurance Program
Exercise Frequency Duration Time of Day Facility
swimming Twice daily 1 hour Morning and  after noon Improve stamina, level of oxygen, and adding of lean muscles.
running Once daily 20 minutes morning Burning of fat
Rope jump Twice daily 20 minutes Morning and night Burning of calories


Muscular Strength and Endurance
Exercise Frequency # of Sets # of Repetitions Resistance or Weight Facility
Push ups Twice daily 2 10 resistance muscles of the chest, triceps, and deltoids
Weight lifting Once daily 3 12 weight  to build muscular strength
Squatting Once daily 4 10 resistance  Enhances strong legs


Muscular Flexibility (Stretching)
Exercise # of Repetitions Length of Final Hold Facility
Shoulder & Chest Twice daily 30 seconds Easy blood flow
Adductor Stretch Twice daily 30 seconds Body flexibility
3 Triceps Stretch Twice daily 30 seconds Body flexibility


Recreational Activities
Activity Reason for this Activity (fitness, skill development, recreation, stress management, etc.
Mountain climbing Physical fitness
 trekking Skill development
Scuba diving Stress management

With proper application of the selected exercises, my health, mind and body will be at peace. These exercises will help me to be fit, be of adequate strength and good health. To continue with my program, I will be motivated by the good body progress that I’ll be noticing with time which eventually will reward me with a flexible sport body free from diseases.

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