Organizational planning: The Walt Disney Company

Task: Compose a detailed case study on The Walt Disney Company.
Essay Topic: Organizational Planning: The Walt Disney Company
Essay Type: Case study
Length: 2 pages
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Prepare a case study on organizational planning of the specified company. Include SWOT.
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1. Fortune 500 Company name

The Walt Disney Company

2. The company’s stakeholders: external and internal and external.

Internal stakeholder’s External stakeholder’s
Employees Government agencies
Owners Consumers
Stockholders Socially responsible investors
Managers Labor unions
Partners Peer companies

3. Company’s mission and vision

Company’s mission

To be one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of entertainment and information through innovation and market expansion into new markets around the world.

Company’s vision

To make people happy.

4. Company goals

At least one company goal that can be accomplished through a strategic plan

Promote market expansion by penetrating new markets in emerging economies.

At least one company goal that can be accomplished through an operational plan

Reduce operational costs by 5% in the following 12 months.

5. SWOT analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
Significant consumer penetration in cable network operations. Concentration of operations in the United States and Canada.
Diversified product and service portfolio. Not much growth opportunities  through acquisition
Increasing profits and margins. Company’s name is still associated a limited target customerschildren.
Opportunities Threats
Market expansion in emerging economies. Increased competitive pressures.
Long-term distribution agreement with Comcast. Increased piracy.
The expansion of film producing to new target countries. Significant government regulation.


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