The Next Step

Task: Give a rundown of your past achievements and future plans.
Essay Topic: The Next Step
Essay Type: Descriptive essay
Length: 2 page
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Describe the knowledge you’ve gained in the course of your studies and what you are going to do next.
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My desire to pursue a Master’s Degree in Database Design and Administration stems from my experience as an undergraduate student studying Computer Science.  Growing as a student in Computer Science, I have discovered in myself the passion and drive to create a career for myself in a computer-related field.  Therefore, it is my strong desire to continue my education in Computer Science and related fields by pursuing a Master’s Degree in the Database Design and Administration program.

As a graduate student in the Database Design and Administration program, I expect to learn the ins and outs of database architecture, programming languages, and graphical user interfaces as well as many other skills.  Upon completing this program, I expect to be proficient in a wide variety of information technology areas.  It is this comprehensive approach to Computer Science which I find most appealing about the Database Design and Administration program.  I believe this program will build upon my current experience in Computer Science, providing me a much fuller understanding of information technology.  I also expect to gain a much fuller understanding of the information technology industry as well as the array of uses for my newly acquired skills.  This program will also provide me the discipline and real world experience of creating my own databases as well as user interfaces, providing an invaluable step toward my future career in information technology.  Overall, I expect the Master’s Degree in Database Design and Administration to provide me the knowledge and skills I will need to not only succeed in a career in information technology but also possess a greater understanding of the field than the average college graduate.

The skills which I gain in the Database Design and Administration program will make me a fully self-sufficient information technology specialist and database designer, allowing me to choose my own career path.  I expect this program in Database Design and Administration to provide me the tools to become an IT professional in a wide variety of businesses or organizations.  I foresee a wide variety of opportunities in information technology upon completion of this program.  The tools I gain through this Master’s Degree program will make me not only an attractive candidate for potential employers but a desirable one in many industries.  The world is becoming increasingly dependent on information technology specialists and those with the desired skills will become more and more important.  The ability to not only create a website or proprietary software but also maintain and improve upon them is a skill which is under-recognized but highly appreciated by industry professionals.  Finally, the Master’s Degree in Database Design and Administration will provide me the tools to forge my own path, starting my own business, should I choose to do so.  All in all, this program will provide me with the tools to control my own destiny in the information technology sphere.

In summation, I seek to join the Master’s Degree program in Database Design and Administration to gain a fuller understanding of information technology as well as gain the skills which will make me an outstanding specialist.  My current pursuit of Computer Science has taught me the value of hard work as well as the true joy which comes from solving a problem.  As a result, I now have the confidence to take on the next step in my career goal which is to gain a Master’s Degree.

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Overall Impression:
Well, well, at least someone finally managed to surprise me. You did well, kid--mostly. The seal for this paper will still be “Almost, but no,” but know that you were really close to composing a nice piece of writing. The devil is in the details, as always. “In summation,” for example, is mostly used by aliens; “create a career for myself” sounds somewhat robotic; the number of times you used the word “provide” is ridiculous; too many nouns starting with a capital letter whenever necessary or unnecessary (are you German?), and so on. This is not to mention minor and medium level grammar mistakes, such as the improper usage of the present perfect tense. But who knows, maybe next time you will actually break the barrier.

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