Solar Cell Phone Charger

Task: Write an essay in which you give a detailed rundown of solar cell phone charger technology.
Essay Topic: Solar Cell Phone Charger
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Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Write a paper on solar cell phone chargers. Give detailed description of what kind of solutions the market has to offer.
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Mobile phones are a major part of the 21st generation, and they facilitation communication. It is through the usage of the mobile phone and smartphone devices that people have to charge their communication devices to maintain communication. The charging unit is, therefore, a major component to the ownership of the mobile phone device.

Engineers are keen on inventing the most reliable charging units. In this case, there are many different phone chargers are in use, and all come with different specifications. The two most efficient phone chargers under review is the Veho Portable Power Battery Pack and the Outdoor Tech’s Kodiak 6000.

Veho Portable Power Battery Pack

Veho Portable Power Battery Pack is a portable emergency charger for mobile phones. The charger is ideal since it has different connection units including the USB charging cable and a device charging tip for up to five devices. The charging unit has a small size of the dimensions 86 by 22 by 22 millimeters. In terms of electrical specifications, the charger has a capacity of 2200mAh at an applied voltage of 3.7v (‘Veho Pebble Smartstick 2200mAH Portable Battery Pack – Silver’ n.p). Notably, the input and output voltage is 5v at 500mAh each. Ideally, this amount of voltage allows the user to charge the phone in less than an hour.

Outdoor Tech’s Kodiak 6000

The Outdoor Tech’s Kodiak 6000 is also silicon wrapped reliable charger for use in different phones (Prasuethsut n.p). The charger has a capacity to use 6000mAh. The charger is quite efficient and can operate in different environmental conditions. Essentially, it is dustproof and water resistant. The charger also has the capability to charge up to five phones. Users can charge their iPhone in two hours. The charger is a great invention at a relatively low price; the charger costs $49.95.

Engineers are very creative and innovative people. The charger is one of the devices that is very useful to people (‘BU-401: All about Chargers’ n.p). The Kodiak charger and the Veho Battery Pack are two distinct chargers. Ideally, the electrical specifications of both chargers are essential for charging. Additionally, they are portable and can fit in the pocket easily. Additionally, they are based on the switch mode power supply system.

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