Romeo and Juliet

Task: Write a comparative essay
Essay Topic: Comparison of issues faced by Romeo and Juliet and those of Teenagers in 2014
Essay Type: Comparison Essay
Length: 1 page
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Romeo and Juliet was written over 400 years ago, yet the problems faced by the characters in the play are still relatable today. How are the issues faced by William Shakespeare’s characters in Romeo and Juliet similar to those faced by teenagers in 2014? It is highly recommended that you include quotes and real life examples.
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Romeo and Juliet is a love story by William Shakespeare that also shows what is happening these days amongst the teenagers. According to the plot of the story, the two main characters, Romeo and Juliet were embroiled in a love dilemma that even society was against. Going by the text, the two characters began their love menace right from teenage hood at a time when they could hardly understand the debacle of falling in love. It is the same case as many teenagers today get into relationships with the thought that they are ready to experience what it feels like to fall in love. Their feelings for one another are high and the urge for love is evident. It becomes hard to separate them because they feel like they are ready to have a serious relationship. They even sneak from the house to meet with their boyfriends or girlfriends all out of the fire of love and passion that they have for each other; it is not a wonder that they even refuse to go back to school as a way of rebelling from their parents in case such a relationship is criticized and banished by their parents. The intervention of parents to separate them yields very little results or none at all. Clearly, this is the same way in which Romeo and Juliet’s story ended as both of them ended up giving up their lives all because of the love they claimed to feel for one another despite coming from different backgrounds. Therefore, if the teenagers are not handled well and given the right information about relationships they might end up making the wrong decisions and affect their lives in future.

Teenagers are constantly faced with the predicament of following their hearts or what they parents outline for them, and what society wants from them. According to Romeo and Juliet’s story, they were constantly in conflict with both society’s expectations of them, as well as their parents’ wants and demands from them. Owing to the fact that they came from different social backgrounds, it was deemed best fit that such people did not associate, more so romantically. Consequently, the entire society was against their love and even went to the extent of looking for a guy from a rich family- Paris- who was deemed best fit for a suitor for her. It is the same case today as teenagers are torn between conforming to society’s wants and needs and their own. Teenagers are constantly in conflict with themselves since they do not know what to conform too as society demands a lot from them. Just like Romeo and Juliet, they end up getting into a personal conflict and are labelled as rebels. Consequently, it is imp erative that society does not expect a certain code of conduct from teenagers but rather corrects their rights and wrongs.

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Overall Impression:
I've seen few parallels between Shakespeare’s couple and modern teenagers, and these parallels weren't convincing. The essay was interesting to read, but numerous mistakes and poor organization spoiled my impression of it.

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