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Task: Write a descriptive essay about a new technology and describe its benefits.
Essay Topic: New Technology Poster
Essay Type: Descriptive essay
Length: 2 pages
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Requirements: Describe a new technology, the demand for it and its use.
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The adoption of technology has improved the manner in which we conduct our businesses. High-quality goods are manufactured at a reduced cost and in a considerable time frame. Solution to our health problem can found with no physical movement to visit doctors. Major innovations in medical industries have helped in enhancing of quality life among people. A health management system that gives guidelines on a healthy eating habit is fitted in mobile devices to provide solutions. As we engage the public in this debate, we explore the fitness problem in real time and focus on the use of new technology in solving the issue.

Description of the problem

Our bodies require regular exercising to ensure we do not have health complication. However, there are inequalities that exist in the society that provide the underprivileged from accessing the fitness centers. They have other priories such that they cannot afford to pay for gym services and exercise their bodies. Nonetheless, the new technology has something for them. The development of new Go Fitness Tracker is something that brings a smile to many. It helps in improving our heath through monitoring of our fitness activities. The health complication attributed to lack of body exercise can now be brought an end.

How the technology works to solve the problem

Go fitness tracker is a new technology from the watch makers Soleus. It is designed to keep track of our fitness activities. An account of the number of calories burnt by the body is provided, hour of sleep and the distance travelled. The gadget is intended to be worn around the wrist. It has two user-friendly buttons designed for navigation. One is issued to provide details about the weather while the other one gives an account on the history of activities. The gadget can vibrate and remind the person to exercise when they remain too long without exercising. Its user friendliness and mobility provide convenience in the use of the application for our fitness purposes.

Identification of competing technology and demonstration of the superiority of Go Fitness Tracker

The Go fitness tracker faces competition from the institutions that offer fitness services such as gym. These institutions usually have numerous equipment for exercising the body. Moreover, there are trainers to offer help and guideline throughout the exercise. However, these institutions are not mobile like this new technology. There is no flexibility, and they do not keep account of the various activities conducted over the day. Therefore, Go Fitness Tracker is a superior technology due to its mobility, ability to keep history of activities and its capacity to remind a person to exercise after a long period of idleness.

Challenges to adoption of the Go Fitness Tracker technology and a strategy for overcoming it

A number of challenges face any new technology. A major challenge that Go Fitness Tracker faces is gaining people’s acceptance. It is a challenge that has to be dealt with through improved user awareness and training. Also, medical professional can be engaged to provide reliable information about the benefit from the use of the device. Public engagement in carrying out test should be encouraged to increase confidence in the use of the gadget.


Exercising our bodies reduces health ri sk and chances of getting heart attacks. Therefore, it is a necessary practice to engage our bodies in various activities to ensure we are free from som e of the avoidable diseases. Go Fitness Tracker provides a reliable service for this matter.

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This is moronic. Most of the sentences do not seem to be connected to each other, and there is little logic in the text. Comparing a gym to a gadget is a ridiculous idea, but even if it was okay, the author’s illiteracy and writing style would spoil the paper anyways.

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