Internet Marketing Platforms

Task: Explore the approaches and possibilities for Internet marketing platforms.
Essay Topic: Internet Marketing Platforms
Essay Type: Exploratory Essay
Length: 3 pages
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Explore the multitude of platforms and opportunities for internet marketing. Describe the driving forces in current state of internet marketing.
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(Part one)

With today’s technological advancement, marketing strategies companies and marketers have to be knowledgeable in the field of marketing. I believe that using a mobile phone for promoting products will be a feasible idea. Given that most of today’s  generation has an access to mobile and internet services, then using cell phones for promoting products will be a noble idea. Today’s cell phones have the ability to download and run small programs, with most of them using Android-based applications that enable consumers to use their cell phones to access mobile internet websites.

In the case of a night club, use of mobile phones can contribute largely to the success of the club. This is because customers can find the club via mobile searches. However, the easiness of access to the club’s website is very vital so as to avoid delays in loading the website pages.

Website designers and developers can use various tactics  so as  to encourage customers to keep on visiting the club’s website. Other tactics include the use of text messages as a mode of promoting the club. This message can be developed in a way that will allow customers to connect to already existing links. The use of QR codes will also help promote the night club as it includes  barcodes that can be accessed and downloaded by smart phones. This gives customers an overview of what they should expect from the club and, therefore, helps  to win their loyalty.

(Part two)

For the purpose of this assignment,  I will use smart TV as a product to be sold. This product will be advertised to the movers and the shakers social group. I believe that proper marketing of products will be of benefit to the commodity seller no matter the number of referrals and customers the company might be having. Marketing will also help in winning the loyalty of the customer towards the product because without marketing it is difficult for customers to make decisions towards the purchase of a product.

Therefore, the best marketing platform for the smart TV will be through the social media. This is because this platform has become popular among people as it nurtures relationships through creating, sharing, co-creating, commenting and engagements with the contents.

The marketing landscape transformed dramatically in recent years, and more marketing strategies have emerged to meet the rising demand. Even though, internet marketing does not out do television marketing it is truly a wide populated medium that cover most of the younger generation. The internet platform also covers the elite elderly segment in the market. Therefore, to be able to reach a bigger segment of the targeted population for the smart television, it will be wise to go to the platform that is gaining a lot of popularity to-date.

For example, using a Facebook platform will help to reach the market segment that uses Facebook. This because nowadays this platform has many users compared to other social media platforms. Again, the platform has numerous abilities such as giving the users to upload photos and allow for comments and likes from users. This will allow more Facebook users to see the Smart TV been advertised as questions and allow them to make decisions in favor of the Smart TV. Additionally, more users connected to the persons who have liked and commented on the products will be able to see the product being advertised. So, with time a bigger target population for the Smart TV will be reached. Other social media platforms that can be of  help in advertising the product include twitter, blogs and mobile websites.

(Part three)

Net Neutrality helps people in preserving their rights to communicate freely online. This achieved through installation of telecom cables so as to facilitate communication online. I think taking away net neutrality will negatively affect companies who use the internet as their major avenue to reach the customers as communications will be cut down or limited. This will result in reduced sales for Companies if we consider how internet services have made marketing easy and faster for different products to different targets in the market. It will also make companies dig deep in their pockets in order to use other methods of doing advertisement such as TV adverts among others.

For new Companies who starting up, the challenge will be greater  since the use of internet blogs such as marketing websites helps them to reach biggest segment of the market a bit faster compared to other means of advertisement. Limiting Net neutrality will harden their penetration of the market as they will have to find other marketing strategies that may not be as effective as internet marketing. This will also cost the Companies a lot of money in implementing other marketing strategies so as to ensure that the company penetrates well in the market.

Nevertheless, if Net Neutrality is taken away there still other successful methods for doing promotions. This includes radio and TV advertisements, mobile messages, use of fliers, billboards and sports. However, this marketing channel will not be as effective as internet marketing considering that they are not as fast as internet, they are costly and can only reach a certain segment of the  target population.

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Here is the English translation (from broken English) of some of the phrases I ran into while reading through this piece of writing (I changed almost nothing). I hope it is enough to convey my overall impression of this paper, the author’s writing skill, and this paper’s quality. So, the author says that, “marketing companies have to be knowledgeable in the field of marketing”; “using a cell phone can contribute to the success of a night club (suddenly)”; there are different promotion techniques: “in order to reach Facebook users companies should use Facebook,” and so on. I laughed really hard while reading this essay.

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