Flower Arrangement in a Verse

Task: Describe the setup and composition.
Essay Topic: Flower Arrangement in a Verse
Essay Type: Analysis essay
Length: 2 pages
Formatting: N/A
Requirements: Write a detailed description of the steps you undertook in the composition setup and go over the technical aspects of your process.
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  1. The model release was for the Flower Arrangement in a Verse Video was informational. For this case, there was no need for a release to use floral designer Lynne Metzger’s name and image. Such is the case because the video expresses, informs and educates opinions that the constitution protects under the 1st Amendment.
  2. The video used a Canon SD 780 IS Camera. Although the tiny camera only has a 720 pixel capacity, the quality of the shots are superbly better especially when shooting indoors under limited light. Similarly, the camera also commands excellent image stabilization that comes in handy during takes. Moreover, it is not bulky and does not cost a lot of money. However, it does not zoom wide and thus limits the concentration of the shots.
  3. Tripod. The camera used was a handheld device and thus eliminated the need for a tripod that is usually necessary when using heavy or bulky cameras.
  4. I used two extension cords for lighting purposes. Since the video was shot indoors, I needed to have enough lighting to illuminate the room and allow the viewer to visualize every aspect of the video.
  5. External microphones. I managed to borrow an Opteka VM-100 that came with a re-branded rode video mic. The mic was ideal drawing from the fact that it produced excellent sound and similarly muffed outside wind since the store was opened to allow maximum lighting for the video.
  6. Spare batteries: I needed to take several shorts of similar scenes that could allow me merge the best parts to develop an overall well-rounded production. For this case, there was a need to secure three batteries although the video shoot itself was not long. It was a necessary precaution but the shoot ended up using a single battery.
  7. Tape masking. Primarily, during video production there is a tendency for two different events to cross fade. Such is the case drawing from the fact that the beginning of a given event often overlaps with the end of another. Once a cross-fade and an overlap have been created, it was possible to drag transitions from their window and place them in overlapping areas. Ultimately, this replaced the cross
  8. Notepad. Note taking in video production allows the producer to record down the necessary tools that are required for the production. A notepad as such was an essential part of the entire production.
  9. Site direction. In relation to site directions, it is important to note that setting provides a video with a sense of place. Ideally it is the home or habitat that houses the video. The floral shop was chosen for the production.
  10. The video opted to let the central character, Lynne Metzger narrate as she illustrated how to make floral arrangements in a vase. The technique was ideal because it gave the production a sense of increased authenticity by exploiting the narrators command and professionalism.
  11. A Video of Floral Designer Lynne Metzger by Fahdah Aldubahy fades with the transition.
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