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Task: Write a final essay on Fitzgerald’s "Great Gatsby"
Essay Topic: “Great Gatsby” Analysis
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Requirements: Write a final essay on Fitzgerald’s "Great Gatsby"
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“Great Gatsby” – one of the Fitzgerald best works. It showed two properties of writer’s talent: the pathos, emotional tension, sharp and satirical eyes of a realist. These properties are intertwined in the artistic fabric of the work, creating a vivid and personal picture.
The main Fitzgerald goal in the novel “Great Gatsby” is debunking of the American dream conception. What does we understand under “American dream”? It’s a desire for a lightning success and getting rich quickly. And most importantly, happiness and wealth are identical for people who profess the tenets of this “American dream”. This includes equal possibilities for every people regardless of initial capital and social origin. Fitzgerald debunks this theory in the novel “Great Gatsby” and in his other works. He proves that the man who all his life was put on obtaining the material wealth did not get happier from it, but on the contrary, lost his own self, his spirituality and, as a consequence, a wish to live a full life. The author reveals the personal tragedy when all life one sought wealth that eventually led to the death.

The greatest tragedy of Gatsby is his love for Daisy, a vain hope to reach it. It is the love that puts him on the path of enrichment, to those people who are the “heart” (though rotten) of a wealthy world. Gatsby and Daisy loved each other, but could not got married, because he was then a young officer, who was going to war, and he was poor. Gatsby returned from the war as a hero, but, as before, without a cent in his pocket. After demobilization he could not even buy the civilian clothes. Without waiting for a loved one, Daisy enters into marriage with a wealthy businessman Tom Buchanan. But after some time happiness smiled to Gatsby, and he becomes a millionaire.

The fate of Gatsby is still tragic, as it is the poor one fate. The success, recognition and even celebration of love in bourgeois world depend on money. But remember that one of the tenets of the American dream is an equality of opportunities for all Americans regardless of financial status. Fitzgerald rises here to a serious criticism of a society that misrepresents human frelationships, pushes the person on crimes, which leads to the tragedy, if not imminent, then at least logical.

War is not deprived Gatsby a taste of life and a specific goal: to get a wealth and marry to his Daisy, which may feel comfortable only being reach. To reach this dream our hero without any doubts did not accept fate’s gift – the possibility to study at Oxford, which was provided by the government for demobilized troops. He accepted as legitimate the norms of post-war life, and became a kind of fits with reality. Gatsby managed to get rich on battlehero – unlawful sale of alcohol witin prohibition period.

In the novel, there is no detailed portrait of the heroine. The author draws our attention to the seduction of her voice. He emphasizes that in her voice is heard the clink of money. This is the embodiment of beauty, poetry, and mystery that surround the wealth. Daisy organically absorbed and appropriated the power of money, became a symbol of beauty, happiness, which is typified by wealth. In this social role, which was her nature, she is presented in the novel. Gatsby was striving to such a wealth during all his life. No wonder why in his memoirs Daisy were always surrounded by things. In her house “Gatsby learned the secret of youth in captivity and under the protection of wealth, breathing in the fresh fragrance of the clothes, – and beneath it was Daisy, bright as silver, safe and proud, infinitely far from exhausting struggle of the poor.”

The last scene with Daisy is very impressive. At the time, when an excited Gatsby has taken responsibility for the terrible deed of Daisy, who hit the man sitting behind the wheel, she drove not even stopping and hide in the Buchanan house. When Geatsby was there ready to spend the whole night, if only if necessary to maintain an amazed (from his point of view) and fragile favorite, she calmly supper in the kitchen, and her and Tom shadows (sign of the living people and yet only a flat reflection) very quietly seeping through window glass… Episode of the funeral Gatsby is one of the Central in the novel. Daisy, not even to mention the many people who enjoyed the hospitality of Gatsby, did not give him the last honor. The American dream, as also his dreamed lover, remained for Gatsby only as a dream.

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