Creativity and Leadership

Task: Describe the role of creativity in world leadership.
Essay Topic: Creativity and Leadership
Essay Type: Exploratory Essay
Length: 1 page
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Requirements: Outline the connection between creativity and leadership in approaches taken by the current leaders of world industry. Provide examples.
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Word leadership could bring to your mind pictures of famous politicians, directors, artists, writers, managers or businesspersons. I have been always curious about Richard Branson, Englishman, number 306 in Forbes World list, who does not participate in board meetings of his companies, cannot operate computer, writes ideas on his hands and keeps his notes and arrangements written in the paper diary (“Forbes”, 2014).

According to Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”, I think this is about Sir. Branson, he becomes richer producing ideas or implementing someone’s into life and the other people make the system work on. Now I am at the age to learn from this leader, because he started his way when he was 16 with a magazine for young people and came to the billion corporation that consists of around 400 companies.

Learning more about this businessperson and author of books in business and leadership, I was surprised with his attitude to work, as any person who wants his business to be successful he gets best people for the positions in his company and lets them develop themselves. In addition, he says that to run people a leader should not be physically present in the office, it is enough to hire a good manager; but any leader cannot be a constant source of ideas thus he should listen to his people.

Sir Branson does not say the audience what should be done to become successful. He shares his own experience to inspire young people, to show that any idea is worth to be implemented. For example, Discovery Leadership Summit 2009, Sir Richard Branson explained how he organized his first flight and this coincident created Virgin Airlines. (Discovery Leadership Summit 2009).

Talking about his creativity, I should mention his behavior, smart and casual way of dressing without tie that makes his speech look like a conversation with an old friend. Moreover, Sir Branson is famous as a creative advertiser, who can get fun and work at the same time. For example, he sailed the Sex Pistols down the Thames singing God Save the Queen because of forbidding the song on airwaves; he could dress up as a female flight assistant and be in the newspapers’ headlines or even try a bride dress driving a tank in Time Square (Entrepreneur, 2008).

Sir Branson believes in what he says and proves it, “Love the idea, do not chase the money”. He does his best for improving companies, ready to give a piece of advice online or participate in a forum. His businesses and ideas to it were coincidences inspired by wish to do job better than other do. As for me, creating Virgin Startup, a non-profitable organization for helping young English entrepreneurs, is the best prove that Sir Branson is a real leader who ready to make real steps (KikiTea, 2013).

To sum up, Richard Branson is the best example of creativity and leadership nowadays. He represents a leader as a person who does not show his superiority or creates tough theories; he proves that a leader is not just a person who is inspiring others with his pieces of advice, sharing experience, but also acts according to his believes and gives opportunities to implement ideas.


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