The Boiling Crab Restaurant

Task: Explore the restaurant segment in hotel business.
Essay Topic: The Boiling Crab Restaurant
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Requirements: Describe the intricacies and contributing factors in restaurants as part of hotel business. What are the tendencies and inner workings of this niche in modern economic environment?
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Due to changes in the modern world, globalization is becoming an increasingly important issue of concern in international hotels. It has become a key concept especially in restaurants no matter their size. Nowadays, more and more people are traveling and when they are away from their homes they need food to eat and the only place to get food from is from hotels. In this essay, a project has been carried out to identify and critique the notion behind the authenticity of such restaurants. Further, it focuses on use, definition and effect on customers, restaurants and the people associated with the country.

To start with, the world has become a global village which implies that it is characterized by different cultures and traditions. According to Frank (2006), globalization makes hotels, restaurants and companies to adapt different cultural aspects and alter their approaches when they enter into new markets. Penetration into a different country without prior preparation may prove a big risk to contend with. Therefore, they must consider different cultures and image of the destination where they intend to venture in the hotel business.

As far as restaurants are concerned, considerations revolve around areas such as: what cuisines do the natives and locals take, what types of foods are forbidden due to religious believes what laws govern sales of food and are there regulations that require government compliance. In addition, language during transactions becomes a big issue of concern to avoid communication barriers that can threaten business. This is because good communication improves business performance as employees from different walks of life are needed to guarantee that standards are net with food and services and that orders are easy and clear to understand.

This essay justifies globalization as a major issue when it comes to hotel industries. In this perspective, it is the responsibility of the restaurant manager to ensure that daily operations are run smoothly to provide customers from a various ethnic backgrounds with the required meals and drinks without causing them any inconveniences (Woodside). This way food service manager should be well versed with different languages so as to suit the interests of different customers. They must be personnel’s who can guarantee customer’s satisfaction. This is as far as dining and wining activities are concerned. In addition, they should be equipped with appropriate skills of synchronizing activities among different departments that may include kitchen, dining, reception and banquet operations. Typically, it should be imperative to ensure that managers have good hiring skills when bringing in new workers so as to ensure that clients are well catered for at all times.

Judging by the current trend of events in food industry, it is essential that food service managers assist the chefs in selecting menu items that will be successful in order to cater for people from across the continents or within a country. This project reflects on how different restaurants alter menu based on seasons and choice of customers popping in every day.

Some restaurants change their menu often while other does not change. This is guided to some extent by the popularity of some traditional menu items that work well up to date. On the other hand, some hotels will change the menu seasonally to ease cost of production and to take advantage of food in season. Despite all these factors, what matters most in menu preparation is the nature of clients that visit any eating joint at any one given moment. In this regard, issues to be considered in menu preparation that will make all clients comfortable despite their ethnic backgrounds may include: The necessity to have variety all the time, what foods are ordered by the clients, are there left over from food that was not served and it was not to be wasted, was there ample time for ordering the food.

The context for this paper is an international hotel named Aloft Hotels. It is one of the largest hotel chains in the world with many branches in Asia, Europe, U.S.A. and Canada. The hotel emphasizes on local community and concentrates on highlighting local types of entertainment. It has a large market share and annual sales of more than US$5billion.

Further description of the hotel reveals that it gives warm reception to its customers who happen to be from a wide range of countries. It offers services to all people regardless of the social class. The major popularity revolves around main characteristics of the hotel that include contemporary style and low-cost rooms. Due to strategic locations i.e. near ports and airports in most countries, Aloft Hotels have grown rapidly. More so, customer satisfaction is widely evidenced through good communication skills accorded to clients by the employees. The type of food served caters for the needs of clients from across the globe at any one given season of the year. People from the original country say that the hotel has retained its originality despite its expansion and growth within a very short time. This diversification has made the hotel move a step higher by employing staff who are well versed with more than two languages to cater for customers who interact in a foreign language only.

Depending on the client, the menu for the food to be ordered is presented in the language of the client upon request. The hotel describes itself in a variety of ways to maximize on a large number of clients and to reach customers from all countries. Some of the ways through which this is effected are use of their website book, tweeter, television advertisements and billboards from time to time. However, the hotel is not without critique as in some clients feel that it serves too much of cookies in their meals. More so, the exterior designs of most Aloft Hotels have a great contemporary look which makes the loose their original appeal. These architectural features make the hotels almost to resemble most others that are up coming in other major towns.

To this end, this essay provides a useful example regarding cultural criticism by use of familiar artifacts that have well been analyzed to give a clear concept of modern restaurants. This provides the restaurants, clients and people living around with relevant information that helps them understand the changes that have greatly taken place in the world. Consequently, they can shape and intervene the social conditions that circumscribe every activity in the hotel industry. The effects of this are that it allows freedom of articulation whereby critique is used to fight oppressive forces and help one to think of resistance and alternatives when needed.

In conclusion, globalization has become a major issue in restaurant industries in that it has enabled hotels to choose suitable locations from all over the world. This way, they have expanded their business. Also, due to multi cultural interactions, there is increased consideration of different cultures and traditions which brings culture diversity when they venture into a new country.  When hotels enter into globalization, they adopt standard methods of service delivery in terms of quality and service to embrace the new culture and traditions. These strategies provide them with a competitive advantage, and clients are provided with distinct services and products. This way culture and traditions become attractive in the eyes of the guests.

Work cited

Woodside, Arch G. Perspectives on Cross-Cultural, Ethnographic, Brand Image, Storytelling, Unconscious Needs, and Hospitality Guest. New York: Emerald Group Publishing, 2009.

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