Profitability Analysis of Salespersons from Tamakatsu Company

Task: Compose the analysis of salesmen profitability in Tamakatsu Company.
Essay Topic: Profitability Analysis of Salespersons from Tamakatsu Company
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Requirements: Create an analytical piece on profitability of sales people in Tamakatsu Company. Describe the client acquisition costs and other essential information.
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Profitability Analysis of Salespersons from Tamakatsu Company

The main purpose that a company carries out the so-called profitability analysis is to determine the sales efforts of its sales team, and, at the same time, to ensure that products move in an effective way. The analysis offers useful findings and deductions that come in handy during improving of their performance, because they are the main revenue for the company. This work aims to carry out a profitability analysis of three sales people from Takamatsu sports company. The profitability analysis table is compiled on the attached excel workbook. This is done in order to perform the full analysis that is required.

According to the table, the total sales amount that was realized from the period is $ 2253370. Mr. Chimura made $ 769320 for the company, and, at the same time, Fujita made  $ 683100, and Ota made $ 800950. Despite the fact that Ota realized the highest sales record, Chimura managed to reach the highest profit margin. This fact shows that he has the best customer-relation skills that were effective in his work. Despite the fact that Ota is new to the sales team, her performance is very impressive. She and Mr. Fujitu are required to focus on improving their gross product margin sales in order to make more fortunes for the company and to make it more successful. Mr. Chimura can be mentioned as a really impressive with handling customers. It should be underlined that he needs to add more products into his basket in order to realize the bigger sales amount from his ventures, consequently, raising his total gross profit.

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