Statement of Educational Purpose

Task: Write an admission essay
Essay Topic: Statement of Educational Purpose
Essay Type: Admission Essay
Length: 3 pages
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Please state as clearly as possible your reasons for seeking a master’s degree, a continuing education certificate, or entering as a graduate non-degree-seeking student.
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In the recent past, I have come to develop the desire to study for a Master of Religious Studies degree at LIM. My desire to join the institution emanates from the fact that I have pursued theology courses. My qualifications will provide me a platform that will enable me pursue my postgraduate studies without any difficulties. I have keen interest in religious studies and a postgraduate degree in this field of study will ultimately enable me gain exceptional competence in my field of study. This way, I will possess adequate knowledge I my field that will give me the competitive advantage in the job market. LIM offers the necessary facilities that suit the needs of students wishing to study a master’s degree in religious studies.

For a student to participate in LIM courses, he or she should possess extensive experience in ministry. In the past, I have participated in ministry work by participating in school, parish, as well as diocesan positions. The experiences have given me a growth opportunity as a result of which I can comfortably participate in reading at the graduate level. With such experiences, I believe that I will be better placed to participate in the course and emerge successful upon completion of my studies. Since much of the course content relates to the studies I have conducted in the past, my application for postgraduate studies at LIM meets the required standards. I scored high grades in my theology course; this will provide me a chance to advance my knowledge and apply what I acquired while studying theology courses.

Studying this course will as well equip me with adequate knowledge and expertise that will enable me make immense changes. This is because the degree will provide me with a learning opportunity that cannot be acquired elsewhere. I will have be able to meet students and network with them. This will give me firsthand knowledge on the benefits of interacting with other students and the changes that we can make. Moreover, the degree will make me an inspiration to undergraduate students who wish to proceed beyond their undergraduate studies. As a minister of the religion, I have always aspired to encourage undergraduate students to pursue postgraduate studies in order to reap the benefits that come with advanced education. While ministering the gospel, I will be using myself as an example and I believe that this will serve to inspire many students.

My intention to join the online degree program at LIM is also guided by the fact that the institution has offered students distance education experience for more than 25 years. Thus, the online degree will enable me acquire knowledge regarding the context of the ministry. The graduate program at LIM enhances the development of ministerial and theological competencies in students. This is because students can integrate theological reflection with the ministerial practice that they have learned elsewhere. There are also appropria te sessions provided by the institution and this will ensure that as a student, I can fit in the schedules of classes that the institution provides. Moreover, there are various methods used for online learning such as experiential learning, as well as reflection, which enhance the student’s understanding of the course content.

In the past, I have had the chance to take part in online learning and interaction and this has provided me with adequate knowledge and expertise that will enable me fit into the online program being provided by LIM. The online program will offer me a chance to increase my spirituality and also gain a lot of faith. In addition, I will develop competence that will enable me gain practical skills in ministry activities. Through online learning, I will experience career development and growth since I will learn about communities that tend to be internationally based. Studying through an online learning program will also enable me learn the relationship between social studies and the life of Christians. At LIM, there are numerous library facilities being provided by the institution. While studying in the institution, I will gain to access modern library services and facilities, which suit the needs of students who wish to engage in distance learning.

A Major in Religious Studies will be very helpful in the future because there are many things that it will enable me to do for the ministry. First, this major will help me learn about the centrality of religion and its impacts on various aspects of life. With this course, I will gain knowledge about the diverse morals, norms, values, rituals, and beliefs of various communities. As such, I will learn to appreciate diversity and the cultural values of all communities. Moreover, this course will be useful in helping the ministry integrate past beliefs and religious civilizations in the teaching of the gospel.

The online program provided by LIM is also flexible and provides a lot of convenience for students. Since I will be studying via an online platform, I will not have to travel to school and back home and this implies that little time will be wasted. The online platform will give me a chance to interact and built relationships with the members of faculties who have a lot of expertise on pastoral issues. I believe that my qualifications meet the necessary admission criteria in the master’s program. I, therefore, hope that my application will be accepted and that I will become one of the students in this institution.

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Horrible. The author regularly shifts between writing as a Victorian tragedy author, and an undergraduate scholar with poor literacy. It looked like the author desperately needed to match a certain word limit, and tried his or her best to expand on irrelevant information.

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