Product presentation

Task: Prepare a presentation of a new product
Essay Topic: Introduction of new product to Senior Management
Essay Type: Presentation
Length: 1 page
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Your presentation needs to include the following:
• The original overall product description (I have already completed this step, See attachment. You do not need to do this step.)
• The description of the new concepts, ideas, uses and contents of the products, etc. (I have already completed this step, See attachment. You do not need to do this step.)
• Explanation and description as to how consumers will be perceiving the rebranding of the product, company or service.
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Introduction of new product to Senior Management

Hello ladies and gentlemen. What I am about to present to you is arguably a must-have product of the twenty first century. Most people are married to their watches. They ca n barely leave their homes without their favorite watch on their wrist. The Invicta Watch 0943 is an amazing watch with an enviable reputation. Currently, there are very few watches with an inbuilt timer. This watch is a superior brand given that its timer is both accurate and dependable. To add on that the consumer will not have to take the watch off while in the swimming pool for the watch is water proof. Therefore, a swimmer can easily time himself while in the water without having to worry about destroying the watch.

Imagine using a watch that does not need a constant replacement of the battery. Isn’t that amazing! The Invicta Watch 0943 is both ecofriendly and economical for it uses solar energy that never ends. In simple terms, the Invicta Watch 0943 is the kind of watch you can have until you die. You can even transfer it to your descendants. It is also worthy to note that customers have different color tastes and preferences. Therefore, the Invicta Watch 0943 is available in different colors so as to meet different customer expectations. I cannot finish without mentioning the most crucial concern of every customer; price. The Invicta Watch 0943 is sold at very affordable prices thereby enabling people in the middle class to own it. There is no doubt that this new watch is both a quality product and a cheap one too. I thank all of you in the senior management for taking time off your busy schedules to listen to my presentation. Thank you.

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Overall Impression:
Not convincing at all. In fact, this presentation sounded like a feeble attempt to make a cheap watch look premium class. Not to mention the amount of stylistic and grammatical mistakes.

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