Public Administration

Introduction According to Kettl Donald, public administration is a process used to implement public policy by public servants to ensure effective and efficient results. According to his argument, whereas legislators form the policy framework used by public servants, they have little Read More →

Problem set 2

Equilibrium is a point a state of balance between demand and supply forces in the market. Actually in instances where the equilibrium quantity is greater than the socially optimal quantity then the production of any good is deemed to have a Read More →

Pricing Health Insurance

The process of pricing insurance commences by the actuary trying to estimate the severity distribution and frequency for a particular insurance group. This process starts with analysing past experience. This past experience data is collected either from the insurance group, Read More →

Case study

With the increased technological knowledge and need for efficiency in the medical field, physicians have always expressed their desire to have systems that will require human intervention and give quick and accurate information. As opposed to the currently used paper Read More →

Benefits of Reading

Reading is a way of turning attention from an individual daily troubles and worries for sometimes and apparently takes them to a diverse world of imagination and fantasy. In relevance to the novel by Proust, reading gives individuals knowledge about Read More →