Task: Write an essay on Nursing, its value and how it’s viewed.
Essay Topic: Nursing
Essay Type: Descriptive essay
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Formatting: APA
Requirements: Discuss macro issues in healthcare, in both the local and global community. Discuss and compare trends, values, and issues that have influenced (and currently affect) the image of nursing, nursing practice and roles.
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Nursing involves professions in the healthcare that are focused in the care of families, individuals and communities. Nurses may maintain, recover the optimal health and the quality of life. Today, nursing takes an important place in the healthcare system delivery as the representatives of this profession are highly educated and focus on the coordination of the patient care and have high skills in critical thinking. The paper discusses the role of nursing today and explains responsibilities and accountability of a nurse manager.

Public health is the most valuable achievement of the society, therefore, preserving and strengthening it is an important task, and all should be involved in its implementation. Not the last role in this task is assigned to the numerous, hardworking nurses. Although for many years the prestigious social status of the job was declined, in the current time, there is the revival of the nursing profession and its importance.

The role of nursing in the healthcare system delivery is very high for the preset moment. If in the past, nurses were considered only the doctor’s handmaidens, then, today, they take an important position in the general healthcare system (Greenwood, n.d.). Nowadays, specialists in this sphere are well educated and can take care of the patients with complicated diagnosis. The nurses are in a great demand in the healthcare due to the physician shortages, healthcare reform, aging population and the expansion of the new technologies. Nurses play an important role in the patients’ safety, which is the crucial issue and requires the highest level of responsibility.

A nurse can independently conduct surveillance, treatment (lead nursing history) of the certain groups of patients, and only call the doctor for advice. In addition, there are the public organizations of nurses, considering the problem of nursing in the health care system, enhancing the prestige of the profession, attracting members of the scientific research in the field of nursing, conducting conferences and seminars on topical issues in nursing, protecting the legal rights of nurses etc. This is understandable, because the nurses, having the latest knowledge can more efficiently and effectively carry out their work, which not only affect the well-being of patients, but also on the satisfaction of nurses with their work.

The next discussed issue is the role of the nurse manager, his main responsibilities and accountability. The analysis has been made after the interview with one of the representative of this profession. The interview has shown that nurse manager’s role and responsibilities are to adopt the innovative ideas, to address the emerging trends, work to achieve the efficiency, quality and excellence in practice. The role of a nurse manager is to lead and guide the front-line nurses to contribute to the success of an organization. A nurse manager is also the median between the staff and upper management. Such profession requires skills to promote and transfer the organizational goals to the staff and take away the possible barriers, which can hinder the working performance (Cipriano, 2011). Moreover, nurse managers work to provide support, information recognition, advocacy for patients and families. They have the opportunity to encourage the personal growth and development. Nurses are accountable for the staff nurse job satisfaction. Besides, the efficient management of healthcare resources is significant especially in costs containing. Thus, hospitals are the biggest sector of expenditures in health care. One should mention that the interviewed nurse manager argues that nurses are to be engaged in the discussion about the cost containment because the perspective of nursing is very important. Besides, she mentioned that nurses are ready to make necessary decision that will help to decrease the costs without influencing the health of a patient in a negative way.

In this way, the role of nursing in the present days is huge. It has a crucial role in the healthcare delivery system. Nurses are highly educated and are in a great demand currently. A nurse manager is responsible for the adoption of the new ideas, addressing the emerging trends, achieving the efficiency and quality of work.

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