Solution to an Interaction Issue

Task: Write a piece on how to improve online interaction.
Essay Topic: Solution to an Interaction Issue
Essay Type: Methodological essay
Length: 4
Formatting: MLA
Requirements: Write a methodological essay on improving online communication. Provide a working solution to improve it.
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Mobile technology has come a long way in the recent past. It has moved from simple phone calls and short messaging services, to the use of internet-based applications. These internet-based applications have made the communication process easier, more interactive and enjoyable. One of the technologies that has been developed in order to simplify and develop a better emotional connection during the phone chatting process is the use of emoticons. Over the past ten years, emoticons have gained a lot of popularity as a “language” in social communication. They have become widely used when it comes to instant messaging, sending emails, as well as in the use of social media (Krug, 2006). When using these emoticons, one is able to convey a message using images. However, the feature would be better if, in addition to the use of emoticons, one could send small-sized audio clips portraying some of the sounds that humans make. These sounds would complement the images in emoticons.

Why it is Interesting

When it comes to the use of technology, the space for creativity is limitless. The suggestion would become an interesting innovation because of the increasing use of chats to communicate. When text messaging, the use of emoticons and accompanying sounds would make sure that one’s attitude and tone is well-picked by the recipient of the information. This would make communication more effective.

Main Users Affected

Any person with access to a mobile phone device, preferably one with access to the Internet, is a potential end-user of the audible emoticon. The majority of people who chat via text messaging are young people. This group of people would appreciate the invention because it makes their chat experience enjoyable and more engaging.

Current Solutions

In the present day, cell phones come with a function where the user can create a voice recording, which can be sent to another user in the form of an instant message. This added function uses the Internet as a medium of transfer. It is, indeed, a viable option in the attempt to personalize communication, especially in the use of chats and instant messaging.

Shortcomings and Strengths of Current Solutions

One strength of these voice messages is that one is able to communicate in a chat without having to type. Sometimes, one may be doing something else with their hands but they still want to keep up with a chat. This is one of the instances when the use of voice messaging becomes convenient. These audio messages, however, do not come with an image to help express the actual feelings that the sender is expressing in their message. In addition to this shortcoming, voice messages can only be sent via the Internet. These voice files are usually large in size and carry extra costs to send across the network, therefore, limiting their use in ordinary circumstances. The recipient will also have to incur extra charges from their Internet Service Provider in order to download the audio clip and get the message.

Main Goals

The aim of this project is to personalize communication when people decide to do so through the use of text messaging. This invention also serves to improve the experience of using emoticons as it makes it even easier to understand what the sender means when they use a particular emoticon. Sometimes, it may not be very clear what a particular emoticon means, however, with an accompanying sound, then the expression that the emoticon represents becomes obvious.

Work Cited

Krug, Steve. Don’t make me think!: a common sense approach to Web usability. 2nd ed. Berkeley, Calif: New Riders Pub., 2006. Print.

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Overall Impression:
Dude, wordiness. Wordiness is the main problem in this paper. Where you could have easily used 10 words, you mount up 20. Where there is a simple way to express a thought, you wrap it in words so vague that the meaning is almost lost. Like what is this sentence, “However, the feature would be better if, in addition to the use of emoticons, one could send small-sized audio clips portraying some of the sounds that humans make”? Are you seriously saying “portraying some of the sounds that humans make”? A cow does “moo-moo,” a cat does “meow-meow,” but what is this sound that a human makes, something like, “Jesus, I need to pay my taxes and drop the kids at school tomorrow”?

And anyways, couldn’t you just write, “sending short audio messages?” It’s that simple—just four words instead of “small-sized audio blah-blah” making 12 words in total. Were you trying to achieve the word limit through writing fluff? Well that’s a bad idea, ‘cause your teacher will obviously notice that.

And the whole paper is just like that, you don’t simply say things, you dance around them in this wordy-birdy manner, unnecessarily expanding on stuff that could be blurted out.

Other than this, the paper is decent enough not to be sent to the trash bin immediately after opening the file. Congrats, I guess.

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