Empowerment: Celebrating Youth

Task: Write a brochure for students
Essay Topic: Empowerment: Celebrating Youth
Essay Type: Brochure
Length: 1 page
Formatting: APA
Requirements: Your brochure should be written for students. It should be inspirational and practical ‘how-to’ for students who have troubles starting a community initiative.
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The youth are an important component of every society. Youth empowerment is very important for it instils young people with the ability and authority to make decisions in their life. These decisions determine the path that their lives will take. In today’s world the youth take up some activities that have negative ramifications in their lives. Such activities are sexual immorality, juvenile delinquency, crime, drug and substance abuse among others. Every society should come up with initiatives that help the youth to be more proactive and responsible. The youth should be aware that there is a looming problem in the society and they should be willing to commit to the initiative. There are different ways that the youth can solve the problems themselves.

One of the solutions is clubs and organizations. All these clubs should have regular forums where the youth talk about the factors that affect them (Gibson, 2008). Another way is to start a community initiative on sports. Sports are an effective way of keeping people occupied. The youth interact with each other on the field and they learn different skills and qualities that help them in their life. These skills are problem solving, team work, critical and creative thinking, people skills and communications skills. The sports and games keep them busy and they don’t have time to be irresponsible or to carry out crime (Sonnino, 2013). Other activities are sensitizing the participants, training them on leadership and skills, and forming youth corporations. Starting a community initiative is a complex process because it will include convincing the students why they need to be part of the initiative. The youth can also ask for support from teachers, parents and the community at large to support their campaign. These are the different ways of approaching a community initiative.


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